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eSports Hall of Famer joins speaker lineup

We’re thrilled to announce that Heather Garozzo AKA sapphiRe is joining the USF eSports Summit as a featured speaker.

Heather is a veteran member of the Counter-Strike community, she’s competed in over two hundred tournaments since 1999, including winning the Women’s World Cup in 2012. Her all-female CS:GO team, which she now manages at Dignitas, is ranked top three in the world. In addition to being an active streamer and long-time esports journalist, Heather is a world-renowned CS:GO Observer, billed on the talent line-up for prestigious esports events including ESL, IEM, ELEAGUE, and MLG, among others. With seventeen years in esports as a competitor, journalist, and marketer, Heather is devotedly passionate about the esports industry.

She was inducted in June into the Esports Insider Hall of Fame.

Heather is currently serving as Vice President of Marketing for Dignitas. She is responsible for the development and execution of Dignitas’ social media and broadcasting strategy, improving the team’s web infrastructure and expanding its fan base.