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USF gets into the game of eSports

You may think video games are just for fun, but now e-sports are turning into big competition and big business.

Jordan Barnwell is at USF working on a master’s degree in sport and entertainment management. He’s looking forward to a career in e-sports. “It’s super exciting. Opportunities are coming about that I wouldn’t have thought of the day before,” said the 25-year-old from Spring Hill.

E-sports arenas are popping up in many cities, including Orlando, where Full Sail University recently opened one. Now there are signs the trend could come to Tampa.

“We like to refer to it as the wild, wild west, and USF is the wild west on fire,” said Dr. Michelle Harrolle, soon to be the director of the Vinik Sport & Entertainment Management Program at USF.

She’s helping organize an e-sports summit at USF.  It will be held September 18 at the Marshall Center.

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